Version 0.89, minor update

Hello there dear backers!

Here we are with another minor update to the beta. A lot of the improvements are under the hood improvements, but you will see a whole lot of small fixes and adjustments all around! As always thank you for the bug reports!
What’s in the update:



-Increased world simulation size (NPCs will be more active with their daily lives)
-New NPC behaviors (for example: the town guards will turn on torches around the villages at sunset)
-Your pet is now smarter and he/she will be more precise while performing your commands
-Added a “Select” button to the pet bar
-Added a reset button to the blacksmithing panel so you can easily restart experimenting
-Added sliders to the GUI making navigating lists way more comfortable
-Added a large number of GUI goodness (fading panels, nicer effects, more precise control)
-When a friendly NPC is in your way (standing in a door for example) you can push him/her so you don’t have to wait for them to get out of the way
-More zoom options
-Added a “stackable” property to item tooltips if needed
-Added a faster combat animations toggle button to the options panel
-Added ability to simply press “enter” when the usage is obvious
-The spellbook now reorganizes itself when a savegame is loaded filling the holes that might have been present do to “one cast” spells
-Now you are able to destroy your tent
-New targetless AOE spell effects for certain mobs (be careful where you are standing agains a skeleton warlock)
-While in combat if you point your cursor at your pet you will now see its health and mana
-Added new “gameplay” tab to the options panel
-Good/Bad deeds are now logged
-Traders now refresh their inventory every other day
-More sleeping NPCs (finally female NPCs go to sleep too)
-Pet agro now grants a small amount of agro towards the player (when the pet was the only combatant, upon dying the enemy did not go after the player)
-Wind now affects berry bushes too
-Not every animal attacks you on sight any more (there are peaceful monsters out there)
-Numerous small map changes
-Added spells with random cooldown times
-Faster startup times
-New internal datatypes for large data
-Lower memory usage
-Overall performance improvements

Grandpa no longer trains you in the arts of the arcane. He was asking way too many thalers for his services from his grandchild. :)

-Fixed: NPCs won’t notice your crimes
-Fixed: Sound effects playing at the wrong places in the world
-Fixed: While transformed (rat or mantis) you hear human footsteps when walking
-Fixed: Pet attacks twice when pet initiates combat
-Fixed: Lighting popping
-Fixed: Spellbook errors regarding “one cast” spells like the forget crime spell
-Fixed: Trading panel bugs
-Fixed: Item icons sometimes were a little bit smaller or bigger when swapping them
-Fixed: Sometimes selecting a spell for use is not responsive
-Fixed: Item state not loading properly
-Fixed: Player walk freeze sometimes when the pet killed a selected enemy
-Fixed: Parry hit calculations when no weapons are in use
-Fixed: Really slow skill progressing do to bad quality random numbers
-Fixed: A rare memory leak
-Fixed: Dozens of small bugs

You can download the beta at the usual place!

Sadly savegames are no longer compatible do to a lot of under the hood changes.

2015 will be a very busy year for Balrum. We hope the we can show you the new content update soon.

We hope that you and your families will have a happy and safe holiday. Thank you for your amazing support everyone! See you in 2015!