I was only a child when we fled the kingdom and took refuge in Darkwood. A lot has happened in the past twenty years while we lived here. Everyone has a part in the life of the village. We became a real community. Now that I have grown up it’s time for me to decide what part will be mine. I have a strange feeling that Darkwood won’t be my home forever.

People say that the woods protect us from the filthy world that Balrum is now. They forget that the place we live in once was a place of horrors. The dark history of the forest keeps trouble outside. The stories about why we had to hide in the woods each seem different. I don’t know who to believe. Every time I ask Grandpa about the past he diverts the conversation. One thing is for sure. Something horrible happened. Maybe one day I will know the truth.

I know that Grandpa was a mage when he was younger but he rarely uses magic nowadays. He often tells me that I should practice magic and embrace my supposed abilities, but I’m not sure that I want to. I have been taking lessons in alchemy and the arcane from Brown and Leonard. Life was much easier when I was younger. Now my head is filled with questions and doubts.

It’s raining heavily tonight as we walk back from the hunt with Fox. I have a strange feeling and I can see that Fox is worried too. We separate at the edge of the forest. As I approach our home I smell smoke and see light shining through the woods. Something bad happened…