Version 0.88, minor update

Hello there everyone!

Version 0.88 of Balrum is now available! Update 0.88 is a minor update and mainly a bugfix release but there are a few new features! All of the bugs that you sent us have been fixed (fingers crossed). A huge thank you for all of you who sent in reports and a special thank you for those of you who helped us reproduce the bugs!

You can find the links at the usual place! (The OSX version needs the JDK to run not the JRE)

-Finally the 2x zoom option does not make the mouse super fast.
-There is an “always walk” feature for your convenience. (default key for it is X)
-In the options panel you will find a new toggle button for increasing the size of the cursor.
-Right click menus now have a close button.
-When it’s raining you can catch some rain. (camping button)
-Entering the escape menu now pauses the game.
-We disabled the minimum resolution checking when resizing the window. (Linux users reported strange behavior)
-There was a rare bug with looping sounds. Now the sound system should properly stop every looping sound effect.

If you copy your saves folder please delete your old config file! Savegames are compatible with this release.

Please keep sending your bug reports if your time allows it!
Thank you and have a nice day. :)