The upcoming update!

Hello everyone!

We are making steady progress! The remaining bugs are fixed and the content update is on it’s way!

Here is what you can expect from the next beta update:

  • Every skill is redesigned and now the skills have more meaning. Every skill has a detailed tooltip explaining the skill.
  • The unfinished quests are now finished: (spoiler ahead!!) For example: The sick troll quest is now completable by curing the troll (various ways) or by killing it.
  • Building your home has been heavily altered. Now instead of being able to build a house in specific places, the story will reveal a safe place for you where you will be able to build your own home early on in the game. A build button has been added to the main bar.
  • Hundreds of new sound effects are in the game.
  • Lore bits are finally in the world! This means that you can find old letters and documents that the long forgotten inhabitants of Darkwood wrote. We think that reading these texts will help you understand the history of the woods and Balrum.
  • All crafting systems have been redesigned. As we mentioned in our first beta update the crafting systems were really primitive. Now we feel that we have well working and more comfortable crafting systems for you!
  • Now there are recipes/schematics hidden in chests and other places in the world that you can learn from.
  • Translation support is finally complete! All text in the game is now accessible via simple xml files.
  • New AI behaviors are implemented. For example: a mainly ranged enemy will try to use it’s ranged abilities more often than it’s close combat ones.
  • There are already many mini games/puzzles/secrets in dungeons. Now there are a few of them above ground too. Some of these puzzles are only completable if you read the lore bits and find the information you need to solve them.
  • Special weapon and armor properties. Quite a few weapons now have special on hit effects and give the player various attributes. There are armor sets in the game now. These sets will give the player extra attributes and effects if a certain amount of the set pieces are equipped.
  • Information! There are small helper tooltips where there should be one. These will help you understand how certain mechanics work in the game.
  • Item tooltips now tell you more about the item. For example the tooltip of a potato will inform you about how nutritious it is.
  • Combinable items are now more useful! There is a new combine button on the main bar. This button will bring up the item combine interface. You will be able to create items that do not require a special crafting facility. For example: fire arrows, torches..etc
  • The character panel is redesigned and the quests menu finally has been updated too.

In the upcoming weeks we will send everyone who pledged more than the base game an email regarding their rewards. Some of you have already sent us ideas and descriptions about what you would like your npc,monster or special item..etc, to be like. If you haven’t changed your mind you don’t have to reply to the new email.

We are working hard on the next update. We hope that we won’t need more than a few weeks to release the update!

As always, have a great day and thank you for your continuing support!