Thanks to our community!

Here are a few things that are in the game because of our community! A huge thanks for you guys! :)
And thanks to you, we now know that we are on the right track!

Hope you like the list! :)

Wound system: For example if a bear critical strikes you, there is a huge chance that you will receive a bleed debuff that might last for a 100 turns, to get rid of this debuff you need to properly tend to your wounds!
Durability: Simple items will degrade with use, but magic items won’t!
A little randomness to crafting: Now you know that nearly in every game if you find a recipe, that recipe will give you an item exactly what it describes. What we mean by a „little randomness to crafting” is that there is a 20-30% random factor to every crafting.
Crafting outcome: You can fail, critically fail, succeed, and critically succeed in creating your items. For example if you critically succeed in creating your potion it will be more powerful than a simple successful create.
Truly Cruel AI: We wanted to make bosses in the game really hard to defeat, and our community voted yes on our idea, so you can expect bosses that are going to be a real challenge.
Rumors: NPCs will talk about rumors and you will be able to see what they are talking about in small and hopefully not ugly :) chat bubbles.
Random events:
-Forest fire
-Boss spawn
-Rare mobs that only spawn at a specific time and place, for a specific amount of time. NPCs can give you hints where these mobs have been seen ..etc. (or they might spawn if the proper ritual is completed)
Don’t forget replay value: Each big guild in the game will give the player a different approach to the game, also if you choose different skills to level this will also give you a different feel to your character. (this means that we will give true meaning to skills and they will make the game different)

Naturally replay value was in our original plans, but the guys on the forums directed us in the right way with it.