Pets, crime system, translation support, resizeable GUI, new FOW

Hello everyone! We promised to keep you informed and here we are! We took a few days off but development resumed on this Monday.

We finished the crime system. In our pre-alpha „demo” the system was disabled because it was buggy and unfinished, but now it works flawlessly. So no more stealing without consequences! ;)  (check out the video below)

We promised that you guys will be able to translate the game and the system for that is complete! You simply need to edit a xml file and your translation will appear in-game!

We started working on a few nice GUI features, one of them is the resize feature.
Our fog of war system was good enough but the fog was dissapearing not so smoothly, so we implemented a FOW that is disappearing super smooth!  (check out the video below)

And we started working on the pet system that we promised! (check out the video below)