Music, graphics, monster design, npc design, add-ons.

Hello there! Things are looking really good! The engine is really close to the feature freeze state, this means it is near complete!

Our graphics team will start to work in the coming days on the extra art that chapter one needs. We can’t tell you a lot, but there are 8 new monsters that will be in chapter one and they are not your regular fantasy type monsters! Also, the caves in Balrum will look really good! ;)

We contacted a lot of musicians! This means that Balrum will have an amazing soundtrack in the near future! (if you are a musician and you contacted us in the past, but you have not received an email regarding the music of Balrum, please contact us)

Dear Backers, we sent out emails to those of you who bought some of the addons! If you bought addons, but somehow you have not recieved the email, please contact us!

We also sent out the „design a monster and design your NPC” emails! All of you have received the email, but if something went wrong please contact us!

Have a great day!