Create a Magical Item Add-On

Hello there backers!

Finally it’s time to send out the “Create a Magical Item” emails. As you know we already sent out emails for the NPC/Monster design tier. The procedure is pretty much the same. We will send out the emails shortly.

We made sure that the engine will allow you to make your item’s “on use” effect to be almost anything. (within reason of course)
We are excited about your item ideas! :)

There are a few of you who have not replied to our emails regarding Add-Ons. So please if you bought Add-Ons and have not yet replied to our emails, do reply soon.

We noticed that you might have special “Kickstarter” only email accounts so please check them because all of our messages are sent to the email addresses you use here on Kickstarter.

Right now we are trying to be Greenlit on Steam so if you are able please vote for us. Thank you for your votes so far! We are sitting in a really good place in the top 100.

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As always.
Have a great day.