Beta update!

Hello, everyone!

First and foremost, thank you for everyone who sent us bug reports! We have been working on fixing these bugs and rethinking some elements of the game based on your feedback on the forums. It is time to release a new version of the beta. This version is mainly a bugfix version. There are a few content related updates but our main focus was to make the engine as bug free as possible. In the coming weeks we will fix the remaining few issues and any new bugs that we find. After that we will focus on content. Based on your feedback we know that we have to rethink and redesign pretty much all crafting systems and skills. So the upcoming update for the beta will be a major content update. You can download the updated game form the usual link.

It’s great to see that there are people who are helping others on the forum. Also, there are people who spent a lot of their time helping us in identifying/reproducing bugs. For this we are sincerely grateful.

It is burning hot here in Hungary! We hope that all of you will have a nice and safe summer!

Because of the major fixes previous savegames are not compatible with the latest beta version. The new config.xml is at „files/saves/”. The game version is now „Balrum_v0.0.86_beta_003”.

Old school graphics option:



Old school

Major fixes:

Quest: Osrick’s feed the pigs quest was causing CTD (crash to desktop).

Quest: The player was able to rebuild the burnt down door while standing on the door’s tile.

Quest: The rebuild your home quest is now not completable without repairing your home.

Quest: No more CTD while entering the secret area where Hugo died.

Sometimes the lighting system would skip a frame causing a flicker.

Various tooltip fixes.

Various Quest dialog fixes.

Fixed a bug that may cause CTD when learning a new recipe.

Fixed an error in the positioning of the trade panel.

The watersack is now usable and refillable.

The visibility indicator is now properly displayed.

If wolfs killed some deers the player’s hunting skill might have increased.

Fixed numerous player experience related bugs.

Fixed a bug that prevented the player to level up.

Sometimes the raining sound effects did not start when they should have.

Fixed a rare bug when crafting panels would go haywire.

Attackable objects properly react now.

Prism turrets when pushed away from their original place were not blocking fireball like effects after a game load.

Fixed a bug that was preventing skill stats to reset upon starting a new game.

When spliting up items the spliting up panel sometimes disappeared or showed up wrong.

When luring an enemy far away from it’s home sometimes they were unable to go back after they lost interest in the player.

Reassigned hotkeys now properly show the reassigned keys on the hot bar.

Lockpicking logic adjusted and because of the new crime system it needs to be closed to stop the lockpicking action.

Numerous savegame related bugs fixed.

The player is now not able to go to sleep while in combat.

Sometimes the fading of the tooltips were not working properly.

Sometimes after sleeping the hunger and thirst calculations were not applied.

Upon loading a game the raining would not stop when it should have.

NPC beds are no longer usable.

Fixed an NPC animation related bug while stealing.

While stunned or incapacitated the player is no longer able to drink potions etc.

Some edible items were not usable.

Numerous GUI related small fixes.

NPCs were able to open locked doors with the players keys.

New items are now properly highlighted in the inventory.

Fixed weird behaviours in the trade panel.

When learning a new ability from a teacher the teachable list is now properly refreshed.

Some spells and abilities were shown as recipes at trainers.

Sometimes weapon textures got unloaded from video memory.

Forest frogs drain mana ability now drains mana instead of health.

When buffs wich modify health/mana fade the game recalculates max mana/healt properly.

Sometimes it rained while underground.

Fixed a bug that prevented a buff from fading.

Lots of small world/object related fixes.

Fields now properly react to rain and show proper tooltips.

Lots of small world/object related fixes.

Fields now properly react to rain and show proper tooltips.

Handling items was sometimes hard because inaccurate icon/slot logic.

Some items displayed incorrect values in their tooltips.

Sometimes weapons were rendered incorrectly.

Green larvae did not drop loot.

Some debuffs were not harming the player.

Some trees were not properly faded. (view blocking)

Smaller adjustments:

Instead of highlighting objects, different cursors indicate what kind of object is under the mouse pointer.

It’s now much easier to initiate a conversation with an NPC while the player and the NPC are both walking.

Music does not play forever, it now stops for a while for a more pleasant experience.

Trees and bushes now swing in the wind.

Added an oldschool rendering option.

Game settings are now saved.

Now uninteractable objects do not show up as interactable objects. Ex: picked apple tree

Two main abilities are now added automatically to the hotbar when a new game is started.

Torch on/off button now shows how many torches are available (tooltip).

Made selecting enemies more comfortable.

Take all now closes the inventory.

Enabled automatic stacking on the hotbar. (looting)

NPCs are now more aware of their belongings.

NPCs will not try to mine rocks that were mined by the player.

Weak NPCs who won’t attack the player will scream and look for help when the player robs them.

Introduced not stackable items.

NPCs now remember your crimes.

You can now refill buckets and watersacks at a well, riverbank or even at a small pool of rain.

The player is now able to shoot through fallen trees.

Adjusted the savegame panel for more comfortable use.

If a friendly NPC attacks the player for whatever reason the player is able to attack back now.

Savegame version checking added.

During daytime the player puts his torch out automatically (not in dungeons).

Eating some of the crops now produce seeds also harvesting now produce seeds where it should.

The 0 hotkey is now at the end of the hot bar.

Various new options in the options panel.

The player is marked with a red dot instead of white on the map.

If there is only one torch left in the inventory and it is close to depletion the light of the torch will flicker.

Rainponds spawn rate adjusted.

Added new options to the game over screen.

Added lootable beehives.

While in combat the savegame option is now properly disabled.

Slash has a cooldown now.

The chest at Barnabas has loot now.

Lockpicks are now cheaper.