Hi everyone!

In the past few days a lot of things happened to us. We received lots of comments, and we like to thank those who helped us with constructive comments! A special thanks to those of you who are actively trying to help us with your ideas and suggestions on our forums! In the past week we realised that we probably made a mistake. The mistake was that, that we kept the project to ourselves for too long! Seeing the great ideas on our forums made us rethink things. We are going to start the kickstarter campaign a few months after we originally planned! We would like to start the campaign knowing, that we tried to put everything that our community wants in the game! So we humbly ask you to join us in creating an indie RPG! Anyone who has ideas/suggestions feel free to post it on our forums!

We plan on creating polls that will decide if a feature or idea will be a part of the game.

We think that this was a necessary step in creating a game that not only we love, but you guys too! :)

See you at the forums!