Fixes and new features

Hello everyone!

We are still waiting for a few things before we can announce the release date.

We received great feedback for version 0.90_205 but there were a few bugs and oddities. We fixed the bugs and implemented a few things you suggested. This version is save game compatible with the previous version. To continue playing with your saves please copy your old saves folder to the new version’s folder. (files/saves)

A big thank you for everyone who sent us bug reports and suggestions!

We added a feature that we were against for a good amount of time. Auto walk to destination. As Balrum is a hybrid turn based game auto walking in combat could get you killed really fast. So during combat there is no auto walking. Also if anything odd happens while auto walking the walking event should stop making sure there won’t be problems. You can try out this new feature with a simple right click to the desired destination. We still don’t quite love the feature but we have to admit that it is really comfortable to play this way. Full control with WASD or the mouse still gives a better experience because you can examine everything on the screen at your own pace. With auto walk you might miss something so be cautious when using this new feature.

The trade panel has been further simplified for ease of use. And now with a mouse wheel click you are able to pick up the topmost item from an item stack.

The new version is 0.90_226. You can find the new version at the usual place.

Have a great day folks!

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A few freshly baked screenshots: